Day 1 – Mort and Gregg captured by bandits. Meet Bannek. See third, unknown prisoner in another cage – hooded stranger comes in and casts magic on this third prisoner.

Day 2 – Bannek tells of Durneg, Rezeel, hooded strangers. Mystery prisoner taken to Death Hut. Bannek helps Gregg and Mort escape, gets their stuff – free Shiraka from hut, introduced. Fight Rezeel and drunken bandits, knock out. Gregg takes silver ring from Rezeel. Free other prisoners, sneak out of camp, break bridge, escape through forest. Shiraka scouts – finds shelter for group to sleep.

Day 3 – Shiraka scouts again. Bannek explains life story to Gregg. Shiraka returns, leads group further through forest. Navigate drop-off. Make way to village – Farwatch. Greeted by elder, Ulrik. Prisoners helped, rest and eat in village hall. Bannek hands himself over to guards, is taken away. Gregg sees man in village hall looking for someone – offers ring. Man says to find him later, leaves. Ulrik mentioned Komtor Sarumi – Mort wants more detail. Meets Meeka. Mort and Shiraka talk about Bannek. Mort goes to outpost, asks if he can train there later, decides to stay in Farwatch a few days, speak to Komtor when he returns. Gregg goes shopping. Group meets Sid, gives note to Mort – invitation to Kargak’s house. Gregg visits man in village about ring – is given money and many thanks. Group visits Kargak – Dwarf Artificer. Kargak offers to enchant items – does their weapons. Group visits inn, learns more about Embrachal. Group has decided to return to bandit camp, then investigate Downdale. Return to Kargak – get weps back. Head out to bandit camp – destroyed. Return to Farwatch, inform Kargak and Ulrik. Group has missed Sarumi’s return – Bannek and prisoners gone. Group sleeps in village hall.

Day 4 – Shiraka and Gregg argue. Mort trains. Group heads for Downdale (approx. 18-20 miles away, about six hours travel time). Meet Mirrip and some undead. Meet murafu. Sit around campfire, discuss tactics to approach Downdale, talk to murafu.

Day 5 – Group heads down to Downdale. Fight undead. Find tunnel in tavern – fight necromancer and more undead. Loot snake pendant and necro knife. Seal up cave, mark with signpost. Explore village – former undead now properly dead. Loot goat figurine. Return to murafu place. Mirrip agrees to come to Farwatch. Spend night by campfire again.

Day 6 – Group prepares to go. Murafu give wooden figures (wolf, minotaur, hand). Group returns to Farwatch, welcomed back. Report to Ulrik and Kargak with news. Leave items with Kargak – snake pendant, knife, and armour (latter for enchanting). Also discover goat figurine a toy made by Kargak. Need to waste some time – go to inn, get free rooms (Ulrik said). Mort tries meditating to discover spirit source of rage.

Day 7 – Gregg and Mirrip go and meet more murafu. Mort and Shiraka go to training area. Later, revisit Kargak to get armour upgrades and news on stuff found in Downdale. Make plans to depart Farwatch.

Day 8 – Leave Farwatch, heading for Shaeroth. Fight Deathrattle Vipers. Make pyre for dead people, set up camp with survivors.

Day 9 – Meet Circle patrol – leave survivors with them. Continue on toward Shaeroth.

Day 10 – Continue travelling.

Day 11 – Continue travelling, arrive at Shaeroth.

Day 12 – Meet with Kaelmar, elder elf. Departed Shaeroth – led along path toward forest’s edge by Laric, elf scout.

Day 13 – Exit forest (Laric departs), travel through rocky scrubland, ambushed by goblins.

Day 14 – Group decides to split into pairs, Gregg and Mirrip, Mort and Shiraka, in order to explore the area more widely. Agreement to meet up that evening but Shiraka tells Mort the spirits have said he needs to go on alone while she goes back – they split and Mort goes on.

Day 15 – Mort travels alone for the day, till evening…


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