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Note – If you find any articles containing red links (ie ones that don’t work), this is because the page the link points to hasn’t been created yet. If you want to make a page yourself (to keep track of character knowledge, for example), feel free to do so :).

Timeline – Very rough description of the story so far, laid out in terms of days passed
Quest Log – Outline of quests and achievements so far

Shiraka – Longtooth Shifter Shaman, ally of the group and fellow former prisoner within Durneg’s camp
Mirrip – Half-Elf Hybrid Ranger/Rogue, most recent ally of the group
Bannek – Young human bandit, has helped the group escape captivity in his leader’s camp
Durneg – Leader of the bandits who captured the group
Rezeel – Human, second-in-command of Durneg’s bandits
Mysterious Mage – Species unknown. Likes to subdue prisoners with a Sleep spell
Komtor Sarumi – Species unknown. Military leader of the land
Kargak – Dwarven Artificer, inhabitant of the village of Farwatch
Sid – Kargak’s homunculus
Ulrik Himsfarth – Elder of Farwatch

Character Groups
The Circle – The governing body of Embrachal
The Murafu – Highly social and tactile sentient ratlike creatures

Durneg’s Bandit Camp – Headquarters of a group of bandits, now destroyed
Downdale – Bannek’s home village, destroyed ten years ago by unknown attackers
Farwatch – Southlands village that lies within sight of the Farflow River
Shaeroth – Southlands forest town, inhabited mainly by elves
Domarin – Capital city of Embrachal as a whole
Marneth – Capital city of the Northlands
Raevin – Capital city of the Southlands
Stornos – Capital city of the Coastlands

Notable regions/landmarks of Embrachal
Farflow River – River which (roughly) laterally bissects Embrachal
The Northlands – The region of Embrachal north of the Farflow River
The Southlands – The region of Embrachal south of the Farflow River
The Coastlands – The region of Embrachal between Domarin and the sea
The Grey Reaches – Desolate southeastern region of Embrachal
Urtha River – River found in the Northlands
Nurtha River – Northern branch of the Urtha after it splits
Surtha River – Southern branch of the Urtha after it splits
Siriss River – River found in the Southlands
The Wanderers’ Way – Wide valley pass leading southwest out of Embrachal

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