The Nature of Things

Back in Action!

So we’re starting up again! Continuing from where we left off and with two new players. Also, the game’s now running on RPOL instead of over Skype, so these logs might be laid out rather differently than they were previously – I haven’t really thought about how I’m gonna do that yet. Anyway, yay, more DnD :D.


We’ll get back to the game at some point, honest!

Whups, not again...

Generally being busy and watching YouTube vids got in the way this weekend – d’oh!

No Session, again!

Wuffy’s mum round this weekend, I believe. So still nothing happens!

Another blank

Wuffy recovering from Cyprus, therefore nothing this weekend either!

No game

Wuffy busy preparing for Cyprus trip – no session this week, then none next week either due to Wuffy being [i]in[/i] Cyprus!


No sessions this weekend due to Wuffy partaking in the very important business of finishing off watching the Merlin DVDs! ;)

Finishing Off the Goblins
The goblin battle continues, and concludes...

The battle continues, Mort being downed twice during its course but receiving a heal from Shiraka the first time and then beign stabilised by Gregg on the second occasion. Eventually, however, all the goblins are killed, the last one attempting to flee after the leader is killed but being prevented from doing so by Shiraka and then the rest of the group (bar Mort, who is still unconscious).
The group then gathers beside the unconscious Mortaar and has a rest while Shiraka assists with healing both Mort and Mirrip, who have taken the worst damage.

The Goblin Ambush
A battle with goblins...

Ambushed by six crazily charging goblins, four larger, more brutish ones, and one who seems to be commanding the rest, the group commences battle. Mortaar charges over to try and deal with the leader, though is soon taking damage from three of the large, brutish goblins. Meanwhile the rest of the group takes out most of the smaller goblins, leaving just one of those and one of the larger ones in their immediate vicinity. Gregg lends a little assistance to Mort with one of his spells, and this combined with Mort’s own attacks injures one goblin enough to drive it into a bloodied rage.

Out of the Forest
The group is led to the edge of the forest...

After replenishing their supplies at a trader within Shaeroth, the group is led to a lift similar to that by which they entered Shaeroth the previous day, and there meet their guide, the scout who hailed them on their approach to the town the previous day. This elf introduces himself as Laric.
They are all lowered down to the forest floor, passing back through the magical field which conceals the elven town from eyes below, and from there Laric leads them along a narrow path they would most certainly have missed.
Nothing disturbs the group as they travel, and so the day passes without event. Laric leads the group off the path to a nearby clearing in which they spend the night, and then travel resumes the following morning.
After a few more hours, the tiny path the group has been following suddenly merges with a much wider one, presumably one of the more frequently-travelled (and not so hidden) roads. Soon after this the group reaches the edge of the forest and here Laric leaves them, returning the way the group has just come.
Though the road continues northeast from the party’s position, the group have been informed that they should head south (having already come quite a way east in following the path from Shaeroth). The land here is grassy scrubland, with rocky outcroppings and stands of trees which block a lot of the view. Shiraka (accompanied by Gregg) climbs up onto one of the outcroppings to get a quick lookout on things, and reports that the land slopes downward to the east, presumably dropping toward the swamp they have heard about previously. To the north and south, the terrain is similar to that in which they stand, though rises and becomes more hilly southward. To the west, the forest’s edge stands.
The group (after Gregg descends rather less masterfully than Shiraka from the outcrop) continues onward, wary of anything that might be lurking nearby. After a while, Shiraka seems to become aware of something and the group, picking up on this, draws weapons and becomes more alert. This caution is well-founded, it turns out, as the group is suddenly ambushed by a group of goblins, who leap out and charge them.


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