The Nature of Things

Finishing Off the Goblins

The goblin battle continues, and concludes...

The battle continues, Mort being downed twice during its course but receiving a heal from Shiraka the first time and then beign stabilised by Gregg on the second occasion. Eventually, however, all the goblins are killed, the last one attempting to flee after the leader is killed but being prevented from doing so by Shiraka and then the rest of the group (bar Mort, who is still unconscious).
The group then gathers beside the unconscious Mortaar and has a rest while Shiraka assists with healing both Mort and Mirrip, who have taken the worst damage.


Awww, all the narrative flies out the window for the fight! Evil brutes going insane, a cocky commander who refused to be intimidated by Shiraka’s spells or Mortaar’s threats, and don’t forget Mortaar laughing at peoeple until they died. Ok, not thta he actually killed any of them directly laughing, but still!

And Gregg waving a sword around with mage hand to make peopel scared too!

Finishing Off the Goblins

Lol…the Adventure Log isn’t supposed to be a hugely detailed description of what happened, just a summary of all the main things that occurred during the session ;).

Finishing Off the Goblins

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